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Looking to add some firepower to your diapering arsenal? Want to ensure that you are always packing enough heat to subvert diaper disasters? Meet The Tank. The poop-suppressing, leak-quelling, bomb-proof insert that will thwart even the most sophisticated battle-plans from your heavy-wetting little warrior.

2 inserts per set (1 Small + 1 Large).

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Hidden Secret Weapons

Though it may not appear as formidable as its name implies, The Tank is packed with plenty of hidden features to help it win the war on wetness. A battle-tested recipe of charcoal, bamboo and our Bamboo Stay-Dry Liners aided with PUL, join forces to form the ultimate wetness-fighting machine.

Bullet-proof leak protection

Okay, so it isn’t actually bullet proof. BUT it is lined with PUL, making it waterproof. This means that moisture stays in the inserts, letting you reuse covers and ensuring that there is no unwanted seepage. The Tank is like a diaper within a diaper.

Win the war on stains

We all have haunting flashbacks of that stain we just couldn’t defeat but with the Tank you need not worry. All front-line fighting materials that face the business end of your baby are dark coloured to hide any battle scars.

Feeling out-gunned by your baby’s ability to fill a diaper?

The best combo for leak-fighting, standard issue.

A go-to strategy for many Lil Helper veterans was to combine a small charcoal insert with a large bamboo insert, for maximum leak-fighting efficacy. It works amazingly well because the fast-absorbing charcoal insert quickly grabs and wicks away moisture. It then transfers it to its thirsty bamboo brother-in-arms, who is better equipped to shoulder the liquid load. The problem is that this mix and match approach leaves mismatched inserts. We believe in leaving no man (or insert) behind, so we have made this winning combo standard-issue from here on out.

Who says you can’t be both a fierce warrior and fashion monger?

Fierce and funky

At Lil Helper, we are suckers for any opportunity to rock a great print. That’s why we are pumped about the cute PUL prints you will find on the bottom of each Tank insert set. Plus, like any good soldier, these bad boys are all about the element of surprise. You will get a random print with every set.

K, cool, but why “the Tank”?

Because they are the best weapon for freedom-fighters doing battle with pooplosions, diaper leaks, and rashes.

The team at Lil Helper are a generally pacifistic bunch.

As loveable tree-huggers, we shy away anything more violent than an aggressive handshake. But what else would you call an insert that can hold 300 ml of moisture without breaking a sweat and be hardy enough to bear year over year of abuse - The Tank!

The tank will let your baby sleep for 12+ hours without a change and will do it while looking pretty!

When you are eyeballs deep in the trenches of parenthood things are chaotic but until the ceasefire comes, enjoy every moment of both the struggles and the snuggles and know that Lil Helper has your six both on and off the battlefield.



Looking for more specs on the Tank? Our five-star poop-fighting generals have compiled all the intel you need to draw your battle plans.

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Customer Reviews

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Dana S
Great absorption

My 5 month old baby slept with the tank insert and no leaks! Before the tank inserts he slept with a disposable diaper and there was a wet bed at least half the time with the disposables. I highly recommend and I am going to buy more tank inserts


I was skeptical of the tank insert at first. As soon as I tried them they are all I want to use now! We use them overnight (one middle of the night feed and change) and have NEVER had a leak! I also love how you can just change the insert instead of the whole diaper because of the waterproof layer on the bottom. Makes for less laundry!

natalie van der pas

The new tank inserts were definitely a game changer. Before we were using the bamboo insert set plus a hemp booster and still holding our breath if we hit two hours between changes that her outfit wouldn’t be wet. But now we can easily get up to 3 hours before having to do a diaper change! They are also a lot of thinner allowing for a far less bulky and better fitting overnight setup. We get 13 hours in overnight no problem!

Skye Coutts

The tank inserts have replaced my night time set up! I used to use a Lil Helper booster, bamboo insert, cotton insert and a thirsties hemp insert… Now we use the tank with a booster!

Ashley E

These inserts are absolutely amazing! They’re thinner than the standard bamboo, dyed to avoid stains and backed with an adorable PUL print. My son has yet to leak when we use these inserts. Compression leaks are also a thing of the past and I feel more confident using cloth outside our home. I’ve become a complete Tank snob and tend to only reach for diapers with these inserts. Well done Lil’ Helper! You’ve outdone yourselves again 🙂