Lil Shiiits (100 per pack)

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Cookies and cream, peanut butter and jelly, chips and dip. There is nothing better than a combination that gives you the best of both worlds. Like our Lil Shiits disposable liners and cloth diapers. All the awesomeness of cloth, all the convenience of disposables.

100 pieces per pack.

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LENGTH: 7 inches
WIDTH: 11 inches


Easy 💩 Cleanup

Diaper sprayer, scrubbing poop, dunking/rinsing not required. With these babies, simply lift out, toss away, and wash your hands of the situation. Seriously. I mean they help with the mess A LOT, but you should probably still wash your hands.

Just the right size

While, of course we would love to see everyone using these liners in nothing but our super awesome charcoal cloth diapers, we know that spreading the love is also important. Therefore each of our liners fits comfortably into any cloth diaper.

Best of both worlds

These handy little devils mean that you can enjoy both the convenience of disposables and the benefits of cloth. They protect your lovely cloth liners from poop or diaper creams and can then be tossed away. No muss, no fuss.

So, let’s be real...

Dealing with 💩 is the worst

It is probably one of the biggest worries that parents considering cloth have. And as the experts on all things related to poopcatchers, we get asked about it A LOT. Fortunately, because of these lovely liners, we can confidently tell people that dealing with poop in your cloth diapers doesn’t have to be a big deal. If you give your kid blueberries, that’s on you.


Make cloth “in the wild” a breeze.

Essential for on-the-go

While these liners would be a welcome addition to your home routine, they really shine when you are out and about. Mostly because they save you carrying around a bag of poop. ‘Nuff said.

Protect your diapers and the bum that goes in them.

Good for your diapers and your baby’s 🍑

While our cloth diapers are famously fantastic at keeping diaper rash at bay, there may come a day where your little one’s tush needs some extra TLC in the form of diaper cream. Enter lil sheets, to protect your precious liners from anything you may need to slater on to get the job done.

Bonus: When poop cleanup is this easy, you can wow all the parents at playgroup with how effortless you make being cloth-diapering, planet-saving, boss look.



Still have more poop-related worries or questions? We are the experts in this area (our parents are so proud), so let us put your mind at ease.

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

Our disposable liners are 100% bamboo viscose and soft as cotton. They do not possess the wonderful stay dry feeling of our charcoal inserts, however they will be super gentle on your babies bottom!
Heck yes you can! One of the main benefits, aside from easy poop removal, to using a disposable liner is creating a protection barrier for your inserts from creams. Even if you just use the occasional 'Splash' of coconut oil, we recommend using a liner to keep your inserts safe from repelling.
Liners can be a great help when it comes to cloth diapering. They allow you to use a diaper cream when and if you need to. Most importantly, they allow you to have some super easy poop removal which is great when you are on the go, or when you just feel like 'Hey, I don't really want to scrub a poopy diaper today, or ever!"

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

We were given some of the liners, and previously we’ve always used reusable liners. My daughter hadn’t pooped in a few days so I knew it was a good time to try these out. And boy was I glad that I did!! Nothing would have caught all the poop, but it made my job SO much easier. And I’ve got to add, there is NO way a disposable diaper would have kept in ALL that poop. I will definitely be making use out of these liners!!

vanessa naumis

We ordered one package of these liners to try and now we will never go without! The liners are the perfect size for the Lil Helper diapers, they provide excellent coverage and they make cleanup a breeze! Simply take the soiled liner out of the diaper and flush it down the toilet, no extra cleanup required. These are a cloth diaper must have and we are so glad we decided to try them. You won’t regret this purchase!


I started using these because my son has a wetness sensitivity. His bum would be red and look irritated before, since using them we have had no issues and no red looking bum. I fold them in half in the front section . Been a great addition to our diapering.


We love that this fits the Lil helper diapers so well- good coverage side to side and top-bottom. We never had any problems with this shredding in the diaper. Necessary in our household as hubby prefers to change cloth diaper if there’s a liner (lol). We have tried one other disposable liner as it was cheaper but it didn’t fit very well and it was more time consuming with me trying to fold it or cut it to make it fit.

Kelly M

We started using Lil Helper disposable liners a little late in the game, but now we hate sending our youngest to daycare without them. When we ran out recently, we tried another brand, but quickly went back to Lil Helper. We just wish they were a little bit longer to catch as much poop as possible while snapping them in to keep them in place!

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