Combo Bag

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Wine and cheese. PB&J. Woody and Buzz. While we know that everyone and everything brings something great to the table on their own, sometimes there is just no beating a good combo. That’s why the form and function of our Combo Bag is the stuff dreams are made of. And why we guarantee that the bag and you will be the power combo of the new millennium.

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  1. Hand or machine,wash with cold water.
  2. Do not use fabric conditioner.
  3. Tumble dry on medium heat.

One bag to rule them all

Perfect companion to our HyPs, but this bag has so much potential. Use it for make-up, hand sanitizer, pacifiers, or other small items that get lost in the abyss (a.k.a bottom of the purse/diaper bag). Exact size for storing both clean and dirty masks while on the go.


The Combo Bag, Small Bite, and Big Bite bags are designed to work together to make a full-on organizational system. You can snap multiple bags on top of each other. Cuz, some car rides need more than just a handful of nuts to survive.

No Leaks

We humans seem to have an affinity for carrying around leaky things that have the potential of turning a lovely outing into a soggy nightmare. So whether it's stuff for you or your brood, our Combo Bag will keep your trips both organized and mess-free.

You can never have too many snacks.

Like, never.

And why have one snack when you could have two? Two snacks together- the dream for any well-adjusted human. Our Combo bags, like our other Bite Bags, are made with food grade waterproof PUL which is completely safe and, therefore, a great place to stash some on-the-go sustenance.

Size does matter

The Perfect Size

We’re probably (definitely) a little biased but we absolutely LOVE our Dry/Wet Bag. We are willing to admit, however, that depending on the nature of your mission, its spacious capacity could become cumbersome. Enter the Combo Bag. Think of this little cutie as the Dry/Wet Bag’s adorable little protege. All the same features and functions in a pint-sized package.

You might lose your keys, but you won't lose these!

Finders Keepers

Since these bags are so functional and adorable, there is a higher than usual likelihood that someone may try to claim them as their own. But, even here, we have you covered. All of our Bite Bags come with a tag where you can write your name and assert your place as the rightful owner of this sought-after treasure chest.

No more tiny tabs

Easy to grasp pull tabs

Whether your fine motor skills are a little shaky or you are sending our Combo Bags with your munchkin, fumbling with our zipper isn’t going to happen. Our pull-tabs are designed for quick release of sandwiches and other essential snacks. Non-scientific studies conducted by a group of 6 year olds at my mom’s distant relative’s unlicensed playgroup confirm that they can access their snacks 23X faster as compared to ZipLocs.

The Combo Bag, the best combo since Netflix and chill.


Another great combo? Our knowledge and your brain. If you think that’s a match made in heaven (or still have some questions) check this stuff out.

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

The large pocket is 8” x 8”.
Your combo bags can be hand washed in the sink if you are in a pinch! Otherwise, you can wash them with your regular laundry on cold or warm. ALWAYS hang dry, the heat from the dryer can damage the PUL.
These completely versatile bags with their amazing double pockets can be used for things such as snacks, Clean / dirty masks and clean/dirty hyps! If you can dream it, you can do it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rebecca L.
So handy or hands free!

I love the combo bags they are great for snacks, toys, and a mini purse on the go! For all of these uses the snaps are incredibly useful! Attach it to the stroller, belt loop, baby carrier! I just love how useful and easy to use these are!


I got one of these bags as a free gift and LOVE it! The little handle straps make it so easy to attach to whatever you have with you (purse, diaper bag, stroller). Great for snacks or really anything. I use mine to put all my essentials in so I don’t have to bring the whole diaper bag with me every time. I see myself getting a lot more of these in the future!

Jacqueline Winter

Masks, Hyps, makeup or snacks these bags are perfect for all those applications. Masks and Hyps clean in front dirty in behind. The snaps are amazing and the prints are gorgeous.

Vanessa Burke

Then combo bags are so multifunctional! Right now we are using them to store our face masks. One side for clean and one for dirty. I also am using one for menstrual pads.
They are so well made and the prints are adorable. There is nothing else on the market like it! So worth the investment!


I love this size of bag and the double pockets!! So many great uses for it! I’ve got one I’m using with my pads so I can keep the clean and used ones separate. And I can finally have a bag to put my clean and used wipes in! We use wipes as Kleenex so I’d just stick them in a pocket or bag but this is much more organized! I love the patterns so much and want them all!! Can’t wait to see what other new prints lil helper comes up with!

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