How to Use and Wash Cloth Menstrual Pads

So you’re curious about making the switch to cloth pads for your menstrual cycle but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place! As a former full-time tampon user turned cloth menstrual pad fanatic, I am here to answer all your questions!

Why choose cloth pads for your period?

First off, why would you want to make this switch given the convenience of disposable period products? There are many reasons. Maybe you’re sick of the environmental or monthly budgetary costs of disposable pads or tampons. You might be looking for a more comfortable and discrete option as opposed to the crinkly and uncomfortable materials used in disposable period pads. Folks who use Lil Helper Hyps say they are more comfortable than a disposable, and over time save you big money and reduce your environmental impact. So there are lots of perks to cloth pads.

How to Use Cloth Pads

The truth is, using a cloth pad is no different than a disposable, with just two added steps and a couple of great bags for storage.

1. Select the right size for your body and flow.

Hyps come in a range from Liner to Max, which indicates their length and absorbency.

There are 4 different sizes available in Hyps cloth pads; a liner, regular, heavy and the new MAX!

The liners and regulars both consist of 2 layers of absorbent bamboo terry. The liners are 8” long while the regulars are 10”.

The heavy HyPs are great for overnight or heavy flows. The Heavy HyPs have a third layer of absorbent terry and are 12” long.

The HyPs Max are great for overnight and heavy flows, also an amazing option for anyone who is looking for more coverage coming in at 16” long.

As with disposables, you’ll probably want to have a mix of sizes for different flow days. The trial kit is a great place to start!

2. During your period, wear your hyps.

Simply snap your cloth pads around your underwear, just as you would use the sticky adhesive on a disposable. Lots of users report they like to wear tight fitting leggings or yoga pants, for both comfort from period pain, and to help keep the pad in place. Well fitting, cotton undies are important to.

3. When you’re ready, change your pad.

Either rinse immediately (see step one of washing) or store in a zipper wet bag if you are out and about until you are home.

How to Wash Your Hyps Pads

1. Rinse off any blood/residue under cold running water. Until water runs clear. Wring your cloth pads out gently.

2. Place your HyPs in a wet bag, mesh laundry bag or bin until wash day. Air flow is important to prevent odours.

3. Machine wash with a commercially available detergent in a mesh laundry bag. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Don't scrub.

4. Hang dry, or tumble dry on low heat for a maximum of 20 minutes. Don't worry if there are some stains. The sun can do wonders for giving your HyPs a face lift.

5. Have an ice cream or climb a mountain. You are a badass and the planet is a better place because of you.

Repeat each month indefinitely, and watch your household waste shrink and your wallet grow now that you aren’t tossing your period products in the trash each month!

Ready to take the leap? Get started with Hyps today and check out our helpful guides if you need extra support making the switch to cloth pads.


  • Hi Kelly!
    Great question! Hanging to dry indoors, in winter, away from any vents, windows, fans, etc. our HyPs take about 18 hours to dry. Out in the breeze on a warm sunny day, they can dry in just a couple of hours. I hope that helps!

    Caitlin @ Lil Helper on

  • I wanted to know how long it takes for them to dry when hang drying. I know this answer can vary depending on the weather and where someone lives but do you have a range.

    Kelly Pal on

  • Hi Riley! You are correct we don’t recommend scrubbing – because of the personal use of the pads, some folks might feel inclined to scrub them with harsh bristles which can damage the PUL or wicking material. You can absolutely hand wash your HyPs and hang to dry. Rinse in cold after each use and store in a wetbag until wash day, then gently handwash as you would any regular laundry item. The majority of blood, discharge, etc. should be removed during the cold rinse, so they really don’t require extra special cleaning. Hope that helps! Please email if you have any other questions about your wash routine! :)

    Caitlin @ Lil Helper on

  • Hi all! I was wondering if you could hand wash these throughout your period and hang dry? I notice it says no scrubbing in the directions.
    Thank you!

    Riley on

  • Hi Joey!
    No need to be embarrassed – life happens! A vinegar water soak should be ok for a more natural way to freshen up your HyPs. Add 1 part vinegar to 4 parts cold water in a basin and let them soak for 30 minutes. Then repeat your regular wash. If that doesn’t work don’t hesitate to reach out to to get this fixed! Good luck!

    Caitlin @ Lil Helper on

  • This is embarrassing but I started my cycle and found some pads in my wet/dry bag waiting to be washed from last cycle!!! I wash them and they smell bad and a little staining. Is it safe to soak them in vinegar and water? Or do you have any other suggestions to get the out the 28-day-old smell and staining?

    Joey on

  • Hi Sara! Not a silly question at all! The plain blue side is the side made to go against your vulva. The design goes against your underwear. Hyps come in lots of great colours and patterns, but the blue stay dry fabric is always against your skin. Hope that helps! Any more questions, never hesitate to reach out to Delight directly

    Caitlin @ Lil Helper on

  • This is probably silly, but I want to make sure I do this right – I’ve never used a cloth pad before, and I am not sure which side goes up? I’m assuming the darker side, not the pretty design side, but I’m not sure. I got the liner that’s pink and dark blue.

    Sara on

  • Hi Elana! Thanks for your question. You’re right, we do not recommend bleach outside of special circumstances. Repeated bleach use could damage the PUL and cause you skin irritation. When it comes to Oxygen bleach, it’s not as likely to hurt your Hyps, but we simply find it unnecessary – a good, commercially available detergent is all you need, especially because of the dark, stay dry/wicking bamboo material we use on our Hyps- they come out clean and fresh very easily! I hope that helps :)

    Caitlin @ Lil Helper on

  • Hello! Just got my first order of Hyps and I’m excited to try them out! I discovered Lil Helper via Mohammed’s charming Tiktoks <3 I am not new to reusable pads, only to Lil Helper. My usual laundry routine with my other pads is to use oxygen bleach (basically OxiClean) in the load along with the detergent. It really helps to keep my pads looking brand new. But I see in the washing instructions for my Hyps that we are not to use bleach. Does this include oxygen bleach?

    Thank you so much, I’m so happy to support a Canadian business with so much heart <3

    Elana on

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