Absorbs accidents

Designed using a dark coloured absorbent minky material and an added hidden layer of hidden microfibre, these undies will help absorb those little accidents while making your baby still feel wet. Unlike a diaper, these are not designed to hold a full pee, they will still keep your little one’s pants dry if they don’t quite make it to the toilet in time.

Grows just as fast as your littles

Fitted with both rise and hip snaps, our trainers are ONE SIZE, completely adjustable and will fit toddlers from about 20-45lbs (approx).That means these bad boys will be ready for you, no matter when your munchkin is ready to do the doo.

Leaks on Lock

Here at Lil Helper, we are nothing if not overachievers. So to really take the Zero-A Undies to the level of “over-the-top awesome” we added a layer of waterproof PUL. This way even small accidents will never be accidents.

Comfy for your little.

But not too comfy

These trainers are designed like underwear for independent use by your growing child. Our Zero-A undies stretch in all the right places. This makes them easy for your little one to pull up and down, while still containing any mess. Plus, the absorbent minky inner means the accident will be contained but your tiny human will feel wet and learn the steps of the bathroom boogie a little quicker.

With great power, comes great potential for mess.

Easy cleanup when 💩 happens

With most other trainers, when a #2 accident occurs, you would have to pull them down. This inevitably leads to a lot of smearing and turns a two minute cleanup into a full-blown bathtub operation. Our adjustable hip-snaps mean you can open the trainers up, remove them like a diaper, and save yourself some time and under-your-breath curse words.

Making a tough transition a little more intuitive.

Designed to be different than diapers

These trainers are not diapers. These are a transition tool designed to handle slip-ups, minimize mess, but still train towards the goal of Zero A. So they don’t pack enough punch to hold a whole pee because, once your child realizes they can go to town in their trainers, they will.

Nor are they the same as disposable trainers. Disposable trainers or Pull-ups allow your child to still use them as diapers as their goal is for you to buy them as long as possible.

We want you to use these for as little time as possible so your child becomes independent faster with as few frustration-induced tears (from you or your little) as possible.

Teaching another human how to, well, human requires the right gear and insane amount of patience. We’ve got you covered with the gear, and will say a prayer for patience to the potty gods in your name, promise.



Still not sure? Check out these FAQs, compiled by veterans of many tours in the potty-training-trenches, to put your mind at ease.

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

Yes and no! These great undies are perfect for potty training kiddos to pull up and down on their own, however they are not meant to hold full blown pees. They are absorbent enough to avoid wet pants when our little ones have small accidents, however they are not made to hold a full pee.
Using both waist and rise snaps, they are completely adjustable from 20-45lbs.
Our Zero-A-Undies are not meant for overnight use, unless your little only has an occasional dribble in the night. If your kiddos are still having full pees throughout the night, these will not contain those floods! You may be able to add a booster if you are feeling creative, however this is not their intended purpose!