Just the right size

Big enough to hold a variety of snack and finger food and keep your little one out of the kitchen for more than five seconds.If your house is full of epic snackers or you want a larger capacity, make sure to check out our Big Bite Bag.

Saves on waste (and your sanity)

Our Bite Bags are a great alternative to single-use, dumpster friendly ZipLoc bags for school /work lunches, or on-the-go snacks. They rinse & clean easily & dry quickly, meaning you can load them up multiple times a day and not have to wash 400 bowls come bedtime.

Easy to Use

Whether or not your fine motor skills are a little shaky, if you are sending our Bite Bags with your munchkin to school or daycare, fumbling with our zipper isn’t going to happen. Our pull-tabs are designed for quick release of snacks.

Your snacks need a system.


The Combo Bag, Small Bite, and Big Bite bags are designed to work together to make a full-on organizational system. You can snap multiple bags on top of each other. Your make-up, your wardrobe, even your socks are organized. It's time we give bite-sized snacks the respect they deserve.

Easy access is important

If your little has an allergy or medical condition, these bags make the perfect carrying case

Our Small Bite Bags are just the right size to carry inhalers, insulin, epinephrine shots, and other medical necessities. They’re designed with functionality in mind, so you can keep your essential medications in one easy to access place!

Hands-off policy.

Finders Keepers

Since these bags are so functional and adorable, there is a higher than usual likelihood that someone may try to claim them as their own. All of our new bags come with a tag where you can write your name and assert your place as the rightful owner of this sought-after prize.

Just like our diapers, these bad boys lock in moisture.

No More Leaks

Since they are leak-proof, you will never again have to try and wash hand cream, diaper cream, hand sanitizer, or other “gooey but essential” substances from all of your earthly belongings.

The Small Bite: Because some days you simply need to hand your kids a small bag of cereal and worry about other things instead (Like how Jason Mamoa’s marriage is doing, when the next season of your favourite trashy TV show is hitting Netflix, or what snack from your hidden stash of Small Bite Bags you want to enjoy - by yourself. Alone.)



Want some more advice on how to hide your snacks from your kids? We have none. But we do have some answers to some other questions.

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Newbie Guide

Our beautiful bite bags are made of waterproof PUL. This material helps to keep your snacks fresh and prevent leaks of any more ‘wet’ goodies.
You can hand wash your bags in the sink between uses if you are in a rush. You can also throw it in your washer with your regular clothing on cold or warm. ALWAYS hang your bags open to dry, the heat from the dryer will damage the PUL.
The big bite bag is 8” x 8”
The small bite bag is 8” x 4”