Convenience, Comfort, and a Chuckle

Packed with our top picks, this bundle is practical, planet-friendly, and comes with a side of smiles. Each product is lovingly designed to make your pregnancy and early motherhood a breeze.

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Who says you can't have it all? Get the essentials you need at a value that'll have you grinning. Our Everything Pregnancy Bundle is priced to pamper both you and your wallet.

Lil Helper Quality Promise

We're like the friend who always brings the good snacks - reliable and thoughtful. Crafted with care, each item in this bundle meets our sky-high standards of quality, sustainability, and comfort.




Quiet Waterproof Guard

Provides a protected environment, letting you focus on your intimate moments without concerns about messes.


Subtle Style Mat

Keeps the ambiance romantic and uninterrupted with its elegant and discreet design.


Stay-Dry Touch

Ensures both partners feel dry and comfortable, enhancing the overall intimate experience.


Machine & Dryer Friendly

Offers easy clean-up after those intimate moments, ensuring the mat is ready to use again with minimal effort.

Period Protection


Night Guard Absorbency

Delivers exceptional overnight protection, allowing for a restful sleep even on heavy flow nights.


Stain-Proof Shield

Acts as an invisible guard, keeping sheets pristine and free from stains, saving you from the hassle of tough laundry challenges.


Comfort Dry Feel

Maintains a dry and comfortable feeling throughout the night, contributing to a peaceful sleep experience.


Machine & Dryer Friendly

Ensures the mat can be quickly and efficiently cleaned and dried, ready for use whenever you need it, providing peace of mind and convenience during your cycle.



Cool Night Comfort

Offers a cooling comfort to ease hot flashes or night sweats, ensuring a comfortable and restful night's sleep.


Moisture-Wick Softness

Draws away moisture, keeping your skin dry and comfortable through the night, crucial during menopausal changes.


Gentle Touch Fabric

Provides a comforting, soft touch to sensitive skin, making every night more comfortable.


Easy Care Companion

With machine and dryer compatibility, it simplifies the care routine, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene without the fuss.



Secure Leak Protection

Delivers confidence through reliable protection against leaks, allowing for worry-free days and nights.


Stay-Dry Surface

Ensures the surface remains dry, greatly reducing discomfort and the risk of skin irritation.


Quiet Confidence Mat

Provides discreet and dignified protection, blending seamlessly into daily life.


Durable Care Ally

Offers a long-lasting solution to incontinence management with its durable and easy-to-clean design.


Bed Wetting


All-Night Dry Zone

Creates a reliable dry environment, ensuring that sleep is undisturbed by accidents, essential for both children and adults.


Leak-Proof Layer

Fully protects bedding from moisture, keeping the sleep area clean and dry.


Soft Sleep Surface

Encourages a comfortable and restful sleep with its plush, soft surface.


Hassle-Free Cleanup

With machine and dryer friendliness, cleaning up after accidents is straightforward and stress-free.

Senior Care


Trusty Spill Guard

Acts as a reliable protector against spills and leaks, maintaining cleanliness and comfort in living areas.


Comfort Climate Fabric

Adjusts to the body's temperature, offering a layer of comfort that is especially valued by those with temperature regulation challenges.


Soft Skin-Friendly

Features a gentle, skin-friendly fabric that reduces irritation and supports overall skin health.


Machine Washable Ease

TFacilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring hygiene and durability with minimal effort.

The Everything Baby Bundle is here to make your journey through parenthood a tad easier, a lot cleaner, and infinitely more enjoyable. With Lil Helper by your side, you're not just getting products; you're gaining allies in the beautiful battlefield of raising a tiny human. Jump in, the water's warm, and the adventures are endless!


Have more questions? We got Sir Attenborough himself to answer some queries. (J.K. He was busy, but there’s still some good stuff here.)

Full FAQ Page

We recommend washing your Lifesaver Lush on a heavy-duty warm cycle with a recommended commercially available detergent. Always line dry when you can, if not please tumble dry it on low! Any time you are dealing with super mega absorbent materials, we recommend avoiding any sort of fabric softener or dryer sheets that can coat the fabric and cause repelling.

Our latest Lifesaver Lush XL matches the dimensions of the Lifesaver XL Mat at 40x57 inches (approximately 101.6x144.78 centimeters), while nearly doubling the size of the Lifesaver Originals! Specifically:

Lifesaver XL: 40x57 inches (approximately 101.6x144.78 centimeters) Lifesaver Lush XL: 40x57 inches (approximately 101.6x144.78 centimeters) Lifesaver Original Mat: 28x40 inches (approximately 71.12x101.6 centimeters) Lifesaver Mini Mat: 18x22 inches (approximately 45.72x55.88 centimeters)

The product is crafted from three primary materials: STAY-DRY MINKY for a soft, dry surface; ABSORBENT MICROFIBRE for liquid absorption; and WATERPROOF PUL to keep moisture contained, making it perfect for managing wetness effectively.

The Lifesaver Lush XL seamlessly merges comfort and style with its printed absorbent minky side, waterproof backing, and moisture-wicking abilities, tailored for needs such as intimacy, period protection, meno-comfort, incontinence, bed wetting, and senior care. In contrast, the Lifesaver XL Mat emphasizes extensive coverage through its soft absorption layers and waterproof backing, ideal for handling a wide array of situations.

The Lifesaver Lush XL is tailored to meet the needs of various individuals. It's suitable for those seeking intimacy, period protection, meno-comfort, assistance with incontinence, managing bed wetting, and providing care for seniors.

Yes, absolutely! The Lifesaver Lush XL is versatile enough to be used in different situations and for various purposes. Whether it's for personal use or caregiving, this product offers practical solutions without compromising on comfort and style.