Just the right size

The Large Big Bite is our sandwich size snack bag, perfect for packing your favourite lunch food. It also works great for non-sandwich entrees or days that you know you are gunna need a jumbo-sized snack to make it through. Here’s a bag for pint-sized snacks: Small Bite Bag.

Saves on waste

Our Large Bite Bags are a great alternative to use and throw, landfill fodder, ZipLoc bags. Cuz there is no reason that your love of bread stuffed with other delicious goodness has to clash with your love of trees and clean air and water. .

One bag, all the uses

Store and organize all those essential items that seem to inevitably find their way into the black hole of your purse or diaper bag. Bonus: since it is leak-proof, it will contain any “gooey but essential” products from coating all your earthly belongings.

No more tiny tabs.

Easy to grasp pull tabs

Whether your fine motor skills are a little shaky or you are sending our Large Bite Bags with your munchkin, fumbling with our zipper isn’t going to happen. Our pull-tabs are designed for quick release of sandwiches and other essential snacks. Non-scientific studies conducted by a group of 6 year olds at my mom’s distant relative’s unlicensed playgroup confirm that they can access their snacks 23X faster as compared to ZipLocs.

Like PB&J, some things are just better together.


And not just because that is trendy these days. The Combo Bag, Small Bite, and Big Bite bags are designed to work together to make a full-on organizational system. You can snap on/off multiple bags on top of each other. Cuz, let’s be real, some days you just need all the help you can get.

More sought after (and on budget) than a Prada backpack.

Finders Keepers

Since these bags are so functional and adorable, there is a higher than usual likelihood that someone may try to claim them as their own. But, even here, we have you covered. All of our new bags come with a tag where you can write your name and assert your place as the rightful owner of this sought-after prize.

The sandwich and the Big Bite: Simple, effective, pleasing to the eyes, pleasing to the tummy (Seriously, I feel like the dude who created sandwiches could have written the Lil Helper company manifesto. Well, except for the pleasing to the tummy part).



Sick of sandwich references? Me too. Why don’t we just get right to the FAQs.

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

Our beautiful bite bags are made of waterproof PUL. This material helps to keep your snacks fresh and prevent leaks of any more ‘wet’ goodies.
You can hand wash your bags in the sink between uses if you are in a rush. You can also throw it in your washer with your regular clothing on cold or warm. ALWAYS hang your bags open to dry, the heat from the dryer will damage the PUL.
The big bite bag is 8” x 8”. The small bite bag is 8” x 4”.