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I don’t know who came up with the saying “less is more” but they were clearly never the proud owner of a uterus or damaged pelvic floor. Because when it comes to dealing with either of those things, you want the MOST protection.

Enter the HyPs Max.

16” long with 5 layers of absorbency, these new members of the HyPs family are taking the Lil Helper tendency of being a lil extra to a whole new level.

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LENGTH: 16 inches

  1. Rinse off any blood/residue under running cold water.
  2. Place your HyPs in a wetbag, mesh laundry bag or bin until wash day.
  3. Machine wash with a commercially available detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Don't scrub. Ideally wash them in a mesh bag for longevity!
  4. Hang dry, or tumble dry on low heat for a maximum of 20 minutes. Don't worry if there are some stains. The sun can do wonders for giving your HyPs a facelift.
  5. Have an ice cream or climb a mountain. You are a badass and the planet is a better place because of you.

Size Matters

A full 16” long, these babies offer the most coverage of all our HyPs products and should never leave you wanting more.

Layers of Greatness

Our HyPs Max have a whopping 5 layers of hidden bamboo terry inside. This is topped with our Stay-Dry material for quick absorption that spreads out moisture evenly and helps ensure that your pads will never stick to your sensitive bits.

Protect your white jeans

Not only are HyPs backed with a waterproof PUL fabric, made from recycled plastic materials, they also have waterproof wings to prevent moisture from going where it shouldn’t and to double the leak-proof protection.

Tired of waking up to a scene out of a b-level horror flick?

Wake up feeling fresh as a daisy.

The HyPs Max are perfect for mid incontinence, overnights or postpartum protection. Slim but with a buttload (very technical design term) of absorbency, these can handle more than they appear. Plus, for the postpartum days, they are gentle on your already all-too-sensitive bits. With our natural, stay-dry, no sticking materials, you can spare your already overworked vagina any additional agony.

Also, whether you’ve just had a babe or have particularly gnarly nights, our Lifesaver Mat may help keep your sheets from suffering the consequences.

Worried about the logistics of reusable pads?

We offer a whole system.

Because why create half a painting or build part of a bridge? Not only do we have 4 absorbencies of HyPs pads (check our Liner, Regular and Heavy) but we’ve also got you covered with all the accessories you need to make using them simple. Pair your HyPs with a travel case (Combo Bag), home storage (Dry/Wetbag) and a Mesh Bag for laundry.

But what about the laundry?

Don’t worry, these have super easy washing instructions.

Step 1: Rinse until water runs clear
Step 2: Throw them in your washing machine and eat some Haagen Daz to feel better while you wait.


Gone are the days of handwashing reusable pads like they’re delicate. 


Because you rinse them off, HyPs can be collected until laundry day and thrown in with your regular load with no fear of stains or ick getting on your other stuff.

A great fit, guaranteed.

The secret? Snazzy snaps.

Our snaps are snappy for a few reasons. First, two snaps are better than one and allow for a custom fit on any undergarments. Second, smaller, low-profile snaps are used to prevent any discomfort.

Hummm… anything else I’m forgetting?

Oooooh Prints!

The HyPs line prioritizes function over form. But there is no reason you can’t have your cake and eat it too. They come in a variety of amazing prints that were exclusively designed for our HyPs line and will (hopefully) leave you with a smile instead of a desire to burn down your entire subdivision and that little parkette that is overrun with weeds. They also come in some more neutral colours for those with a little more of thmat “less is more” sensibility that we have.

More coverage, more absorbency, and more protection all in a slim and comfy package that will leave you feeling comfy and confident.



We have a lot more to say about this stuff but our web designer believes there is such a thing as “too many” funny GIFs (pfft), so we put it on our blog instead.

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Still got questions? Need some reading material to distract you from the fact that your insides don’t seem to want to stay where they belong? Check this stuff out.

Full FAQ Page


Newbie Guide

There are 4 different sizes available in the hyps; a liner, regular, heavy and the new MAX! The liners and regulars both consist of 2 layers of absorbent bamboo terry. The liners are 8” long while the regulars are 10”. The heavy HyPs are great for overnight or heavy flows. The Heavy HyPs have a third layer of absorbent terry and are 12” long.
The HyPs Max are great for overnight and heavy flows, also an amazing option for anyone who is looking for more coverage coming in at 16” long.
The HyPs Max can help with coverage for light bladder leaks, but can’t hold the emptying of the bladder.
There are 2 snaps on the wings so that you can adjust the size to work for your particular undies!
There are a few things you can do. First try flipping the HyP around. Put the larger side towards the front and the smaller side towards the back. We also recommend wearing well fitted garments to keep the HyP snug to your body.
These fantastic pads consist of many different layers! The top is our amazing bamboo stay-dry liners, to help disperse liquid and keep you feeling dry. Followed by 5 layers of absorbent bamboo terry cloth and finishing the pads off with a layer of waterproof PUL to prevent any leaks from making it to your undergarments!
Rinse off any blood/residue under running cold water; Place your HyPs in a wet bag, mesh laundry bag or bin until wash day; Machine wash with a commercially available detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Don't scrub. Ideally wash them in a mesh bag for longevity!; Hang dry, or tumble dry on low heat for a maximum of 20 minutes. Don't worry if there are some stains. The sun can do wonders for giving your HyPs a face lift.; and Have an ice cream or climb a mountain. You are a badass and the planet is a better place because of you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 458 reviews

I am in love with this product!! There is no leaks, it stays in place while you sleep. I’m very happy with this purchase :)

Stephanie Bilodeau

After not having a cycle for 9 years due to birth control I knew I wanted to go a different route in terms of period care. I know that the “feminine product” industry is full of crappy unhealthy products for us women. I tried a few cups and disc and while I use those when I am swimming or need long term coverage like traveling
I honestly found myself prefer to not to deal with that mess unless totally necessary. So far I am loving these pads my only complaint is that I feel like I don’t have enough coverage in the front. Both my friend decided we could try flipping them around. We shall see how that works. I think the pads need more flare in the front. However I still absolutely love your product

Hi Stephanie!
How awesome that you've decided to try some more sustainable period options!
We understand every single body and flow is different, and that is a great idea to wear your HyPs 'backwards' - we know many folks love to wear their HyPs that way.
If you find you need more help or have more feedback on how we can improve our HyPs, please email us at delight@lilhelper.ca - we are always here to help and listen.
Have a wonderful day,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

First Time User

This is my first time using re usable pads. I've been loving it! This was my first full cycle using them. I first ordered the bundle. I loved them and ordered more. I had a tiny bit of leakage due to the pad shifting as others have mentioned in other reviews. That is not a deal breaker for me. (it is the only downside of the pad) I love the fabric and fun prints! The pads are easy to rinse and clean. I am looking forward to buying a few more to add to the rotation.
I love not having used pads in the wastebasket, it has eliminated a smelly mess. I feel like the reusable pads don't smell, hardly at all as opposed to disposable pads.
I still have a few disposable pads just for the ease of switching out when I'm away from home, but I will be bringing getting into the habit of bringing my combo bag with me.

Hi Navil!
We are so grateful to folks like you who share their real experiences! Perhaps the number one question we get is do our HyPs pads smell - it is fantastic to know you actually experience LESS smell with our pads as opposed to a trash can full of disposables!
You'll also be happy to know we've heard folks who experience slipping, and will be releasing a new line of pads, HyPs Active, soon! These are designed with silicone dots on the back to reduce slipping!
Have a fantastic day, and thank you so much for making the eco-friendly switch to Lil Helper!
Caitlin @ Lil Helper


Best reusable pads on the market by far and I’ve tried a lot! Super absorbent, so comfortable, great quality and super easy to clean with no staining!

Hey K!
Thanks for putting our HyPs to the reusable pads pro test! We get asked constantly about staining - hearing it straight from users is so incredibly helpful!
Much love,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper


Absolutely LOVE these reusable pads. I’ve been in the reusable pad game for about 2 years because I found A I didn’t like the waste from tampons and pads and B even the organic cotton ones irritated me! I now use a flex disk and wear a reusable pad! My flow is super super heavy even with the flex disk I have leaks! These pads are by far the best quality I have ever had. They are so comfortable, SO ABSORBANT and so much easier to clean and no staining!

Hi K,
Hearing from reusable menstrual pros like you is the best! We aim to create super durable, user friendly solutions for all leaky humans and it is great to know we met your needs!
Solutions should make our lives more joyful, more comfortable, and easier - I'm thrilled that our HyPs are hitting those marks for you!
With love and care,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

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