The Lil Helper Lounge: Joyful Living for Leaky Humans

Have you heard the news!?! We’ve started a new way to connect with customers! A place where you can ask questions from other Lil Helper product users, make suggestions, send feedback, and also get kept in the loop of our new launches and have the chance to win Lil Helper gear and even score discounts!

Welcome to the Lil Helper Lounge: Joyful Living for Leaky Humans!

Here’s a quick run down of what you might be wondering about the group and what you can expect.

Why did we start The Lil Helper Lounge?

While we have had a Facebook Group for ages, it has always been very parenting focused. This is because over a decade ago when Lil Helper began, we were primarily a cloth diaper company. Slowly, we’ve branched out. First, with other parenting products like bibs and nursing pads, and now we offer a wide range of solutions for grown-ups, kids, families, and individuals!

Because many of our newer customers aren’t necessarily parents, we wanted to find a way to connect with them as we have with Unsnapped. So whether folks want to talk to us or likeminded customers about intimacy, menstruation, incontinence, or parenting, they have somewhere to go.

But we knew that having a space specifically still held value. So we decided to continue with Unsnapped for parents, and expand to a new group for folks using our products to solve problems and deal with life’s messy moments in a non-kid focused way. Thus, The Lounge was born!

What to expect from Lil Helper’s new group

Feedback from our customers is like food for us. So the lounge is set up to allow customers to talk, share ideas, and ask questions. Plus, it gives us as a company a bit of a focus group we can turn to when we have questions: Can you share a pic of your Lifesaver Lush in action? Are the HyPs Menstrual Pads needed in other sizes? What do you think of the new products we’ve launched? And of course we will be sure to send along thank yous to everyone who helps us out!

Especially as we have so many new products coming out, our goal is for the Lounge to be a one stop spot to hear from customers so we can ask and answer questions as efficiently as possible - with a bit more connection than with our general social media posts (though Mohammed would still love to keep connecting with you there!).

Our Delight Team will be monitoring and using the Lounge to improve everything from our website, to products, to customer service, so we can keep offering you the best solutions with joy, empathy, and dignity.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join the Lounge:

  • Hear about upcoming sales first
  • Score exclusive discounts & gifts
  • Raise your voice about what you want from us next
  • Connect with a community of folks with joy and empathy - we are all human here!

What you won’t get in the Lounge:

  • A bunch of upselling, spam, or marketing
  • Judgement about the messy moments you’re experiencing

Lifesavers, HyPs, G-Tube Pads, Unpaper Towels, SleepSavers, Oh My!

We are working on SO MUCH cool stuff right now!

Since discovering all the unique ways folks use Lifesaver Mats and learning more about what he can do for menstrual product users, Mohammed has been letting his rocket science brain run wild! Thanks to our customers sharing ideas and requests, we have a whole host of new solutions to life’s messy moments coming out in the next couple of months.

We’ve got male incontinence pads (that we are still hunting for the perfect name for. Like Hera or Hypatia, we want to infuse some dignity into this problem + solution. Got a name? Let us know!)

Unpaper Towels are also coming...

And of course G-Tube Pads...

And so much more! Plus we are always open to hearing from you - the Lounge is the perfect place to tell us what you don’t like about that product you bought off Amazon thinking it would solve your problem, and how we can do it better - Mohammed loves a challenge!

I’ve never used Lil Helper products, can I still join the Lounge?

ABSOLUTELY! The Lounge is a great place for you to ask questions of other users so that you can figure out what would work best for you or your family. But you don’t have to be a customer. Maybe you have great ideas for what we can create next, your curious about something, or you just love seeing Uncle Mo on TikTok. The Lounge is for all leaky humans.

I need help, but can’t wait for an answer.

The fastest way to get through to us will still be to contact the Delight Team directly. Email us at for product troubleshooting, order status inquiries, and funny cat memes.

The Lounge is a great place to connect, share stories, and more. In fact, we are regularly blown away by how our customers creatively use our products. (Hello! The Lifesaver Mat was originally designed for potty training, we had no idea it would have such a demand as a sex blanket. But as the saying goes “make babies on it, have babies on it”!

The bottom line is that especially in the last few years Lil Helper has grown to become so much more than “just a cloth diaper company”. And we wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you, and we hope we can keep offering you solutions to problems and all of life’s messy moments - and infuse a bit of joy, empathy, and dignity along the way.

So come join us in the Lil Helper Lounge: where we can share some joy, laughs, and Lil Helper gear for all the leaky humans out there!