Hey, you. You’ve got this.

Hey, you. The mama (or daddy) sitting over there, with tears in your eyes as you struggle through another day. Yes, you.

It’s not always going to feel this hard. I know right now the nights are long and sleep is fleeting. You might feel like all your little one does is cry and you have no idea how to make them happy.

There are moments when you consider maybe you weren’t meant for this job. Maybe you’re in way over your head and were over confident about becoming a parent. You were given this beautiful little one to care for, love, and nurture… and all they do is cry.

I know it seems impossible right now, but you will get through this.

I know this because, despite how it all feels right now, you were made for this job. You were given this beautiful child because you are the only person in this world that they need. One day, very very soon, they will look up at you with their gorgeous eyes full of wonder, and smile.

And in that moment, your heart will be so full and you’ll forget about these long nights and difficult days.

You’ve got this. I promise it’s worth it. ❤

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