All About Wetbags: What They Are and How to Use Them

Maybe it’s the name (there is something weirdly off-putting about the word wetbag). Maybe it’s because you think they are only for cloth diapering. Maybe it’s because you are a parent and you’ve already got about 1,000,000 more things on your to-do list that you can actually accomplish. But as a fellow parent, I am here to tell you that if you haven’t tried wetbags you are 1,000,000% missing out. So, let’s talk all about wetbags and the 1,000,000 (last time I promise) ways you can use them.

What are Wetbags?

combo bag all about wetbags

Sometime’s product names can be confusing (I’m looking at you “Shamwow”). But this time they kinda hit the nail right on the head. Wetbags are, generally, designed to carry around things that are, well, wet. Different brands achieve this goal in different ways, but they are usually coated on the inside with a water resistant material that makes them leak proof. This makes them super popular with cloth diapering parents (cuz, ya know, kids pee... a lot). But it also means that they can come in super handy for any parent (cuz, ya know, kids pee... a lot).

What Can I Use them For?

Cloth Diapers

dry/wetbag all about wetbags

Let’s start here, since we’ve already been talking about it. If you are thinking about using cloth diapers with your kiddos, you are gunna want some wetbags. Whether you are at home or on the go, they are a great place to store diapers until it is time to wash. They contain all of the unspeakable things that may choose to leak from said diapers. And there are a variety of types (we’ll get to that in a minute) for different situations.


zipper wetbag all about wetbags

Even though I am a cloth diapering parent, this may be my favourite use for my wetbags. That’s mostly because laundry is the bane of my existence and these bags make it way easier. I have wetbags sprinkled around my house like magic, laundry-collecting fairy dust. From washcloths to someone’s pants (mine or the toddlers, you decide), it is super convenient to have a reliable place to toss soiled items close at hand. Then, come wash time, you simply collect all the bags and toss everything in the wash.


snack bag

Putting small bags of things inside of a bigger bag is the organizational hack of the new millennium. Or at least I think so. Which means that wetbags make the perfect storage solution. Need to keep all the tiny pieces (whyyyyy?) from some toy in one place? Wanna transform your giant tote from the place lip gloss goes to die into Marie Kondo’s dream? The answer, my friends, are tiny leak-proof wetbags. They will keep essentials where they belong.


combo bag wetbag

Speaking of that giant tote... whether you want to ditch it altogether or make sure it is prepared for anything, wetbags are the answer. If I am leaving home with my kids, I have at least a few wetbags in my giant tote. Because as much as I love them, my kids are disgusting and will most likely make a mess of one or more of their possessions while we are out. On the rare occasion I get to leave the house on my own or feel like I can travel light, my wetbags replace the tote. I can pack the essentials and know that nothing will leak.

Types of Wetbags

Different brands have different types of wetbags, but there are a few different kinds that are pretty similar among companies. We obviously think that Lil Helper’s selection of bags is the best, but if you happen do disagree this should at least give you a good idea of what is out there.

Small Zipper Wetbag

small zipper wetbag all about wetbags

Designed to hold 2-3 diapers this little wonder is great for quick trips out of the house. But it can obviously be used for so much more. Pump parts at work, a travel potty-seat and change of clothes, the messy sand toys you want to cart to the park. These are just a few things you might want to use this kind of small zipper wetbag for.

Large Wetbag

large wetbag

Our Large Wetbag is, well, the largest of our offerings. These bigger bags are great for longer-term diaper storage. They are also my go-to for collecting laundry while camping or on a trip, for bringing the whole family’s towels and suits home from the beach, or even as a laundry hamper for little but inevitably gooey baby clothes.


dry wetbag

Dry/wetbags are great for any time you want to be able to store both clean and soiled stuff at the same time. Whether it be diapers, swim gear, reusable menstrual pads, wipes, or washcloths. They are also good for larger toy storage such as puzzles or matching games.

Combo Bag

combo bag wetbag reusable cloth pads

The cute little sister of the Dry/Wetbag, our Combo Bag is the perfect companion to our HyPs cloth menstural pads (or any cloth pads, really). They are also food-safe and great for on the go snacks (this goes for all the bags, actually). I also love them for transporting both clean and dirty face masks and any other essential but potentially leaky personal items.

Bite Bags

reusable snack bags wetbags

Alright, so I know talking about putting food in bags that you always thought were for diapers might seem gross. But hear me out. Reusable snack bags are a super easy way to reduce some of the single-use (and unrecyclable) plastic in your life. Enter our Bite Bags. Two sizes mean they can handle almost any size snack. Plus all our snack bags (including the Combo Bag) are modular and have nametag labels. This makes them ideal for easy school or work lunches. Also, the smaller size of these bags makes them a great place to store those tiny and hard to organize items in your house or diaper bag.

Old, young, parent, or not I can pretty much guarantee that you can find a way to make your life better with a wetbag. And they certainly aren’t just for babies or cloth diapers any more.

So what do you think? Did this tell you all about wetbags? Do you still have questions? Are there more uses for these little wonders that we didn’t mention (I think, yes)? Let us know in the comments!

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