reusable swim diapers are superior to regular diapers and disposable diapers especially for public pools

Inflatable Floaties Only

Our Swim Diapers are designed to contain poop of all kinds to ensure that you, your baby, and your unicorn-shaped floaty are the only ones bobbing around in the pool.

Cute Prints 👌, Stains👎

The soft, inner mesh lining of your swim diaper charcoal coloured - so no stains! Even though your baby had blueberries for breakfast.

Saves your money and your sanity.

Not only does this diaper give you a better fit than disposable swimmers, it can be washed and reused. Saving the environment, your money, and your beach day.

Nervous about taking the plunge (see what I did there?) on reusable swim diapers?

Asking yourself, “Why would I buy a diaper that won’t even hold in pee?”

Have you seen those soggy disposable swim diapers? They are unsanitary and pointless as they absorb water and makes your baby waddle around like a penguin. Does your swimwear hold on to moisture? Obviously not. Our Swim Diapers allow moisture to pass and only holds back solids. If you are scared that your child is going to pee in the pool, then I have news for you - everybody pees in the pool (present company excluded). A swim diaper’s only job is to hold back poop and our diaper does that exceedingly well!!

reusable swim diapers for little swimmers are super easy to be worn by a child or baby of any age

Because there is one thing that is certain in parenting...

And it’s that “poop happens.”

“What are the odds that my baby will poop while we are swimming?”, you may say. Turns out that, much like the ‘Hunger Games,’ when it comes to poop, the odds are never in your favour. Trust us. And when you are in the pool, your “poop happens” moment can easily become EVERYONE’S “poop happens” moment. And that’s not cool.

Your babies are growing…

Our Swim Diaper grows with them…

Our swim diaper has adjustable snap settings on the waist and rise, that will allow it to fit your little one from 10-40lbs. You can even share our reusable swim diapers between siblings even if they are different ages. And the best part is, almost all our prints are gender neutral so you don’t have to worry even if you keep them for your next one!

A beach day with kids involved is never going to be stress-free, but a wicked awesome swim diaper like ours can at least take the stress of seeing this face off your plate.

We have a lot more to say about this stuff but our web designer believes there is such a thing as “too many” funny reusable swim diaper GIFs (pfft), so we put it on our blog instead.

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Still have questions? Michael Phelps was going to come and talk about how much he endorses the best swim diapers but we figured we’d just get you some quick answers so you can hit the beach sooner.

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Newbie Guide

Our wonderful leader, Captain Poopypants - AKA Mohammed (Chief Everything Officer) - has spent a lot of time researching reusable swim diapers and working to find the top materials to make good products that are the best swim diapers. Here is a quick rundown of what our diaper covers and inserts are made of! Covers- Outer layer is PUL and the inner layer is a dark mesh lining. The ingenious dark lining will hide any unfortunate stains so you don't have to worry about the mess from newborns.
When you were deciding whether or not to take the plunge (see what I did there?) on reusable swim diapers, you had doubts. You asked yourself, “Why would I buy a diaper that won’t even hold in urine? What are the odds that my baby will produce little swimmers while we are swimming?” Turns out that, much like the ‘Hunger Games,’ when it comes to go, the odds are never in your favour. But even on the off chance you don’t feel like this is enough, it can also be used as a diaper cover in a pinch. Simply add the liners of your choice for absorbency.
The swim diapers can be washed along side your cloth diapers using your regular wash routine. Don’t cloth diaper? You can wash these with your regular laundry just make sure to avoid the use of hot water (warmer than 140F/60c).
Short Answer: Line or hang dry the diaper shells and covers when possible, because we love the environment and do want to pay extra electricity bills. Longer Answer: As ecophiles, we would recommend that you line or hang dry our cloth diapers after each wash. But we have families and tight schedules and amazing dryers, too. So if you put our liners in the dryer use the tumble dry setting with medium heat. We recommend that our reusable swim diapers covers or diaper shells not be put in the dryer, if possible. This is to ensure that the PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) lining which is heat bonded on the inside of the outer layer of our shell (read it again if not clear) is not eroded. The PUL is what makes our diapers waterproof and the less heat it is exposed to the longer it will stay bonded to the fabric. If you absolutely have to put the diaper shells or diaper covers in the dryer do so at a low to medium heat.
You know your Lil Helper swim diapers have been designed for a snug fit around the waist that ensures that you, your baby, and your unicorn shaped floaty are the only ones bobbing around in the water. We often get asked about whether or not it “holds” urine. While the diaper is stellar at keeping little swimmers contained, while water and pee are able to pass through. This is because it is lined with mesh, to allow breathability (unlike disposable ones) for toddlers, so that tiny tush isn’t full of water.