T-Shirt Wipes (10 per pack)

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Our dear Uncle Mo has been on a mission! It took a little time, and an awful lot of cozying up to any fabric he could get close enough to. There were awkward moments – sorry guy at the coffee shop with the very soft looking shirt- but he did what he had to do to make sure he delivered only the most worthy of materials to wipe your wee one’s tiny little tushy! Soft as, well, a baby’s bottom, but tough enough to tackle whatever that little bottom can put out into the world! Say hello to your new favourite wipes!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please know there is no colour choice and packs are assorted

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Simply dampen with some warm water, clean up that 3-alarm mess (seriously, when did she even eat corn last, anyway?!), and toss them in with your regular diaper laundry!


Only the softest material

These poop-wipers are 2-ply, 100% cotton t-shirt material. Simply dampen with some warm water, clean up that 3-alarm mess (seriously, when did she even eat corn last, anyway?!), and toss them in with your regular diaper laundry!

Locally Made!

Made in Toronto, CA, these suckers pack a serious punch and wash up like a dream. They just keep getting softer and softer! (Just like that t-shirt you still have from college that is more hole than shirt, but is oh-so-soft-and-comfy).

Reusable > Disposable

By switching to cloth wipes you’ll keep thousands of pounds of wipes out of landfills and keep more money in your wallets. Sounds like a pretty good deal, eh?

One cloth, multiple uses.

Looking to be more green?

Making the switch to cloth wipes for all areas in your home is a simple but effective way to save more money and be more sustainable. Our T-shirt wipes are absorbent enough to clean up spills. They are also great for wiping your baby’s butt, your face and your kitchen counters, preferably not in the same order and ideally with a different wipe ;)

Pastels are so last season.

Keeping things simple, by making simple things.

So our tshirt wipes come in white, black and blue. We think they are super beautiful. And we totally aren’t biased by our love for a certain local baseball team (Let’s go Blue Jays, 👏👏👏👏👏).

Parenting is hard.

Some days we need a pick-me-up.

Whether you are cleaning a counter or a butt, when you’re a parent there is a good chance that you’re bleary eyed and reaching for a wipe. With our t-shirt wipes you might just be surprised and delighted by a nugget of joy hidden on the back of our tags to get you through. You’re welcome.

Unfortunate parenting fact #563: You will always be wiping something. Luckily Lil Helper has the perfect wipe for when life has you feeling like this:

There is nothing wrong with getting cozy in the middle of the bell-curve, so grab some Regular HyPs and chalk those hum-drum, so-so, mediocre days up as a win.

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Looking for more help from our textile gurus? Probably not, but we have more info if you need it.

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Newbie Guide

Our t-shirt wipes are double layered and are made of 100% cotton. They're so soft and *bonus* -they're made in Canada!
Currently our tshirt wipes will come in a mix of black, white and blue.
Easy! You can wash your t-shirt wipes with your diaper laundry or your regular laundry! We do recommend being careful as some of the wipes can bleed colour. Doesn't hurt to wash them on their own for your very first wash :)
One side of our bibs are made from PUL. Although PUL is very water resistant, it can and will eventually leak if it becomes overly saturated.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Reima Saleem
Best wipes ever!

Perfect for kids cloth wipes, family cloth wipes, cleaning, wiping little ones faces ... everything! Just perfect!

Kid approved

We love these for bath time. My 5yo says they’re the best because they’re so soft and cozy! I love how durable and versatile they are.

Rebecca L.
Don't know why we didn't use them sooner!

We started using lil helper diapers in June of 2020 but didn't start using t-shirt wipes until February of 2021, not sure what was holding us back! They are great! We used wash clothes prior to this for poops, so the logical thing to do was to commit to cloth wipes! So glad we did, depending on the mess I could end up using 5+ disposable wipes on a change, wipe t-shirt wipes, at most its 3! Plus great for bulking laundry! We just ordered another pack when they restocked, and they are soooooooo soft! So glad I got some extras!!

Emily Fox

T shirt wipes get used here for sticky faces and hands and extra diaper absorption if needed. Sweatshirt wipes go straight to mamas bathroom to accompany the bidet! These wipes are double layered, durable, wash extremely well, soft and were one of my fav pre baby pandemic purchases! High bang for buck value!


I love love love these wipes. I have been trying to reduce our paper towel use, so got a pack of these. Then I got another pack and another. I have 30, but use them all. They’re so soft and just perfect for cleaning mouths or cleaning counters.