Boofas (4 per pack)

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Would you use a magical cloth made of unicorn hair and the soul of a Chinchilla to wash your baby? Then you will love the Boofa! Whether you're cleaning sweet newborn skin in your littles first bath, or washing makeup or spit-up at the end of a long day, they're guaranteed to be as soft as a kitten and STAY that soft through washing and use!

4 towels per pack.

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LENGTH: 10 inches
WIDTH: 10 inches

  1. Wash before first use.
  2. Machine wash cold. Gentle cycle. Use a garment/mesh bag to protect the delicate (and oh so soft!) material.
  3. Tumble dry low.

Soft. Soft. Soft. Soft

Did we mention that they are soft? And they stay that way, wash after wash.

One cloth to rule them all

Use it as a loofah, washcloth, cloth wipe, makeup remover, emergency towel, emergency booster. The possible uses for these wondrous little washcloths.

Pretty and practical

Our Boofas don’t feature any characters, prints, or patterns. They come in a pack of 4 gorgeous colours.

What’s with the name?

Boofas = Baby bamboo loofahs

But their friends call them Boofas. They are made of magical bamboo terry that is the perfect combination of absorbent and soft.

Crunchy is good for crackers, or chips...

But not for cloths

Those cloths you got at your baby shower are cute, but they WILL turn on you after a couple of washes. Say goodbye to cloths that curl at the edges and get so rough that they are more suitable for exfoliating your skin and scuffing your kitchen cabinets before a DIY paint job. Boofas won’t do you dirty like that. They stay flat, soft, and picture perfect wash after wash.

Some things are “too nice” for your kids.

We won’t judge if you keep them for yourself

We know that you would do anything for your kids. Chances are you have sacrificed your time, body, sanity, or all-of-the-above on at least one occasion just to make them happy. But you deserve some happy too. So if you deem these as “too nice” to get covered in kid goo and decide to keep them for you, we won’t tell anyone.

And don’t worry, once you replace all your other washcloths you can totally repurpose them.



Still not sure? We’ve consulted with our resident textile gurus (a.k.a. fellow super-picky moms), to get the full scoop on these buttery soft little wonders.

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

Our Boofas are made of the softest bamboo terry that just continues to get softer and softer as they're used and washed. It's like bathing with clouds and soft baby kittens. Seriously.
  • - Washcloth
  • - Loofa
  • - Cloth wipe
  • - Makeup remover
  • - Emergency towel
  • - Cloth diaper booster

... And so much more! Use these beautiful creations for anything your heart desires.
While they can be used for the same things (namely, wiping yours and your littles butts), the biggest difference between the 3 types of wipes we carry is the material. Boofas are the softest and most luxurious cloth that we carry. The fibers are super soft and delicate - so much so we recommend washing them in a mesh laundry bag to stop them from snagging on anything in the wash. Our Bamboo Wipes have two layers - a top layer of a blend of 80% cotton bamboo and 20% polyester and a super soft bottom layer of micro fleece. They are soft, but more durable than Boofas. Our T-shirt wipes are our option for folks looking for the most ecofriendly and affordable option. They are made of repurposed leftover T-Shirt material (usually cotton) right here in Canada. The fabric we use to make T-Shirt wipes would otherwise go to waste. They are less kitten soft than Boofas or Bamboo Wipes, but the uses for these are endless as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Sooo soft!

I bought these for bath time for my kiddos and they are soooo soft! I love them. Will definitely order more once back in stock.

Hi Clarissa!
We are very hopeful that our oh so soft boofas will be back in stock by the end of July at the absolute latest! We appreciate your patience waiting, and won't judge you if you steal the ones you bought for your kiddos in the mean time ;)
With gratitude,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

So soft!

My 4 year old niece is picky about textures, so I bought these for her to try. She said “they so soft!” And she LOVED the kitty cat bag.
I agree they are super soft - I may have to buy some for myself!

Hey Kristen,
Unfortunately, we recieve frequent reports of adults stealing Boofas from young children. It seems to be a bit of an epidemic! We hope you and your niece manage to work it out and remember that sharing is caring!
Thank you for your feedback and support.
Remember to wash your Boofas in a garment bag to help keep them safe and oh-so-soft!
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

rebecca j.
The perfect wash cloth

I love these cloths and have been slowly replacing all the wash cloths in my house with them. They are gentle enough to use on delicate skin and keep their softness after continued use.

Hi there Rebecca!
It feels fantastic (almost as fantastic as super soft boofas) to know you love your wash cloths from Lil Helper so much! Be sure to take good care of them, as Boofas are our softest - but also most delicate- cloth wipe.
You can always email if you have any questions on product care. Enjoy your boofas, and thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review - your feedback is so important to us!
With gratitude,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Madeline Ellis

The softest, most perfect washcloth for my mom to use on her fragile skin. She loves them!! I love them so much I will be buying a set for myself.
Thank you for the thought, planning and care in each of your products!

Thank you for sharing your love of Boofas! They are definitely our softest and most delicate wipe - perfect for sensitive skin!


Soft and came in such cute bags! :)

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