Bamboo Wipes (4 per pack)

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There are a lot of ways in which I envy my baby. I wish I could sleep 14 hours a day. I wish I had an on-call butler to bring me applesauce on demand and attend to my every need, even if it is just that I am bored or mildly uncomfortable. The kid has it made in every way, from the 24-hour all-you-can-eat boobie buffet to the luxurious bamboo wipes I use on his spoiled little hiney or to wipe his messy face. Seriously, our wipes really are enviable. And we won’t judge if you steal a few for yourself or an applesauce cup.

4 wipes per pack.

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TOP LAYER: 80% Viscose from Bamboo, 20% polyester

BOTTOM LAYER: 100% polyester

LENGHT: 8 inches
WIDTH: 8 inches

  1. Wash before first use.
  2. Machine wash cold. Gentle cycle.
  3. Tumble dry low.
  4. To keep in better condition for longer, use our mesh bag when washing.

Soft meets Strong

These are easily our most luxurious wipes. The top layer is the same bamboo material found on our bamboo inserts. The bottom layer is the same material as the soft micro fleece found inside our cloth diaper shells. Most importantly, both sides are super soft and perfect for sensitive skin!

Easy to care for

The bamboo wipes can be washed with your regular laundry. However if you are using them as wipes for family cloth or your sweet little one, we recommend you wash them with your diaper laundry. This includes a pre wash and main wash.

More than just a wipe

Washcloths, dishcloths, party favours at your next soiree (cuz your a “cool mom”). I have these wipes in almost every room of my house and use them for everything from wiping butts, to cleaning, to “unpaper towel”... though usually separate cloths and not in that order.

Soft bamboo means no micro scratches or streaks.

Perfect for household cleaning!

Cloth wipes are perfect for cleaning delicate dishes like wine glasses & china. Having trouble reading this? Yeeeah… you might need to give your glasses or screens a good wipe down. Lil Helper cloth wipes don’t get fuzzy so you can clean your glasses & screens without leaving any fibres behind! Or add a little water and get to dusting! The damp bamboo and fleece picks up dust and dirt easily. Just make sure you don’t forget the top shelves (I always do…)

Look out Boy Scouts, parents are coming for your “always prepared” title.

Stash em in the diaper bag

Kids are messy. Boogers, muddy puddles, a melty snack – any of these messy mishaps can happen anywhere. You never know when a sturdy cloth wipe (or 5) will come in handy. So stash some in the diaper bag for messy emergencies!

Some things are too nice for your kids.

Treat yo self!

Confession time. The social media team here at LH are all moms and we hoard Lil Helper cloth wipes… for ourselves. Yes. It’s true. We have a stash of wipes that we use for face cloths. Sometimes for when washing/exfoliating our faces. But often use them to remove makeup. So gentle on our *cough* aging skin. Your face will thank you!

So whether it’s from your “juice” or the kids’ each time the strategically placed throw moves away from your pearl white couch, exposing "the stains"-, add a pack of these wipes to your cart, say a lil prayer for the things that can be wiped clean… and thank God that black lights aren’t in style any more.


We have a lot more to say about this stuff but our web designer believes there is such a thing as “too many” funny GIFs (pfft), so we put it on our blog instead.

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We have a lot more to say about this stuff but our web designer believes there is such a thing as “too many” funny GIFs (pfft), so we put it on our blog instead.

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Newbie Guide

Our Bamboo Wipes have two layers - a top layer of a blend of 80% cotton bamboo and 20% polyester and a super soft bottom layer of soft micro fleece.
The bamboo wipes can be washed with your regular laundry, however if you are using them as wipes on you or your sweet little one, we recommend you wash them with your diaper laundry. This includes a pre wash and main wash. Avoid any fabric softeners or additives that may cause repelling.
The material! Our Bamboo Wipes are made of a cotton bamboo/polyester blend and soft micro fleece. They are blue and the same every time you order. Our T-Shirt Wipes change as they are made of repurposed, leftover t-shirt (usually cotton) materials - a great ecofriendly and economic option, but different than our Bamboo blend!
How many wipes you need can change from baby to baby, and even change based on babies age. We recommend you have 1 wipe for every change and a few extras for poops. So on average you will want 10 a day. Base that off of how often you wash. Ie if you wash every 3 days you should have around 40 wipes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Julia Kartush

Ordered these twice now with two kids (18 mos and 3.5 yrs). Super soft. It's nice that they are double sided if you need a little more friction with the soft bamboo to get off stubborn chocolate on someone's cheek or even softer fleece if my kiddo wants to dry his eyes in the bath because we all know he HATES getting water on his face. Used them a couple weeks ago to catch/clean up throw-up when we all had the flu! So fun!

They wash up really nicely - we've had some for three years now and they feel the same as when we first got them.

Hi there, thank you for sharing your experience with our Bamboo Wipes! We're thrilled to hear that they have been a helpful tool for you and your family, especially during those tough moments with the flu. We take pride in the softness and versatility of our wipes, and we're glad they have withstood the test of time for three years now. Thank you for your continued support and happy wiping!

Jenn Stillman
So soft, absorbent and fast drying

Perfect little washcloths for around the house. Super soft, absorbent and fast drying. I packed a few in my overnight bag, have one in the shower and one in my plant room. Very happy with my purchase and very happy to support a great company!

Love so much

This is our 3rd reorder! Not because the previous are worn out but because we keep finding uses for them. (And gifting to family)

Splendidly soft

Received these as a baby shower gift from a friend. The one side is so luxuriously soft and lovely. The other side is closer to a regular cloth, so better for a little scrub. Love these for bathing and wiping dirty faces after messy meals.

So Soft & So Absorbent

I LOVE these little wipes. They are so soft for sweet babes skin, & soft for wiping up milky nipples. I wish they came in a larger size! I would take a bath towel size! I keep a couple in the diaper bag, & 1 tucked in the carseat.

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