SleepSaver Crib Sheet

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Someone once said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” I don’t know who it was, but I do know that they were dead wrong. Because every parent knows that a baby is not sleeping is the very definition of fear. Maybe they are sweaty. Maybe they are having some kind of diaper disaster. Maybe that gastro bug floating around playgroup has finally caught up to you. Whatever the reason, a sleepless night is enough to make anyone quake. Luckily, Lil Helper’s amazing new sheets were built to get everyone in your house back to dreamland in no time.

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TOP: Minky Sheet
MID: Microfiber
BACK & SIDES: Waterproof PUL

LENGTH: 52 inches
WIDTH: 28 inches
HEIGHT: 8 inches

  1. Heavy-Duty wash (longest cycle) on warm (maximum 140°F /60°C) with the recommended amount of detergent. Make sure you use enough detergent.
  2. Line Dry when you can or tumble dry on low for about 40-60 minutes.
  3. Use a reputable, commercially available detergent, either plant-based or synthetic.

Two Products in One 

Everyone loves a good multi-use product that you feel like you are getting your money’s worth out of. And these sheets are just that. Acting as a mattress protector and crib sheet, these bad boys will save you from buying (and changing) those two products separately.


In between the cozy top-sheet layer and the bomb-proof mattress protector layer, we have also hidden some absorbency for good measure. Nothing good ever came from excess moisture, so our sheets will absorb and wick it away.

Fits just right

Sized to fit most standard crib mattresses snugly and safely, our crib sheets create a cozy sleep space for babes of any age. They also have heavy duty elastic to keep them from slipping when your little starts dreaming of running marathons or being an angry alligator.

There is probably nothing grosser than mystery stains on a mattress.



Waterproof, all-over protection.



Much like the world’s greatest cookie (a.k.a the Oreo), our crib sheets’ recipe for success is layers. The bottom layer of the sheet is made from waterproof PUL that will keep your mattress dry and protected. The waterproof goodness also extends to the sides of the sheet. This means no gross is gunna get through, no matter how epic the mess.  

Get in. Get out. Get back to bed.



Easy night-time bed changes.



Nothing adds to the nightmarish quality of a 2am wake-up call quite like the realization that you have to change your kids sheets. With other setups, that means stripping sheets and mattress protectors and then slowly and painfully reassembling, all while trying to keep your kiddo from deciding that they are going to remain awake after this process is done. Since our crib sheets are 2-in-1, you simply pop one off, pop another on, and everyone can get back to bed ASAP. Pro tip: layer two sheets on top of one another and you will be able to just take the gross one off and go back to bed (you’re totally welcome)

Life’s too short not to smile.


Add a touch of fun to your little one’s room.


Whether you are looking for something loud and colourful, or something to match your pinterest-worthy nursery, we’ve got a print for that. It may seem like a silly thing, but we spend a ridiculous amount of time designing prints that will bring smiles and joy. So in addition to being amazingly functional our sheets are also just fun. Plus, we all know that you will want something to smile about if you do end up changing these bad boys in the middle of the night.


I’m also going to take the opportunity to call out whoever came up with the phrase, “sleep like a baby.” We all know why...




You may not want to follow me for more tips on getting your baby back to sleep… but if you have more questions about these wonder sheets you should read this stuff.

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Newbie Guide

Our SleepSavers are designed to fit a standard crib mattress. The dimensions are as follows: LENGTH: 52 inches, WIDTH: 28 inches, HEIGHT: 8 inches
It depends! Most toddler beds use the standard crib mattress! If yours does, congratulations, you can rock these sheets into toddlerhood! If you are not too sure, have a look at our SleepSaver measurements above!
We recommend washing your sheets on a heavy-duty warm cycle with a recommended commercially available detergent. Always line dry when you can, if not please tumble dry it on low! Any time you are dealing with super mega absorbent materials, we recommend avoiding any sort of fabric softener or dryer sheets that can coat the fabric and cause repelling.
YES! These fantastic Sleepsavers act not only as a sheet but as a mattress protector! They are not only super absorbent to keep your baby feeling dry (no more waking to a pool of spit-up and drool) but they are also backed with a waterproof PUL to keep your mattress safe and dry too! Even the sides are waterproof, so every part of your mattress is covered!
These SleepSavers are made up of three layers that all work together to give your little one the best possible sleep. The top of the sheet is a super soft and comfortable minky fabric. The middle layer of the Sleepsaver is our super absorbent microfiber, there to absorb any sorts of liquid that finds its way there. Finally, the bottom layer and sides are a waterproof PUL to keep your mattress safe too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Sarah Raigner
Unbelievably soft, so reliable

My son is tube fed, and potty training. Do I need to say more about the disasters I’ve encountered while sleep deprived in the middle of the night? 🤣 This sheet arrived super super soft and has stayed the same amazing silky soft texture, even through multiple washes. He unplugged his feeding tube and the puréed foods flowed all over him and the Sleepsaver and I thought for sure I’d never get the food, stain, or smell out of it. Guys, it came out like new. No joke! So many of our sheets and mattress protectors have been sacrificed through our journey and I’m so glad this held up. I was able to strip one layer and roll it into itself and not worry about it spilling or dripping through to the carpet in his room. It’s my new best friend.

Heather M
Sleep saver

1) Amazing quality product 2) from the soft minky material to the quality mattress protector PUL, this is not just a crib sheet! The colours are gorgeous. Worth every penny!

Christine Tisdale
Sleep saver indeed!

We do a LOT of laundry around here. Especially bedding. And the primary culprit is the fact that my kid likes to spit out what she's drinking. Needless to say, we go through several shirts in a day, and I often have to change the crib sheets a few times a week because she manages to soak the sheet with the contents of her bedtime water cup. We've only had a few sleeps on the new sheets but, I haven't needed to change it yet! Whether it's the silky soft feel, or the fact that she doesn't feel the wet on the sheet, she's sleeping through the night and having wonderful naps, and I am SO impressed. They are of course, very beautiful, and the elastics have the perfect stretch to get all the way on the mattress and keep it from sliding around. I love that it can go in the dryer too. Definitely glad I got 2 because they do take a while to dry, but for the absorption they have and comfort they provide, it's worth the wait!

Name: Marissa Kissinger
Title: best crib sheet available

Review: these sheets are truly amazing. They are incredibly soft. They are thick, and heavy, and durable. Such good quality. I LOVE that they absord liquid and messes. It's been a total lifesaver for my little one who has been teething. She is no longer sleeping in a wet puddle of drool all night long. I wish they made these sheets is larger sizes so I could have a set for my bed!

Sleep Saver

This. Is. Amazing. The softest crib sheets I've ever felt. My little guy just rubbed his face and hands all over it when he first laid down. Plus the fact that this holds 2L of liquid will be amazing when we start potty training! I love that I don't need a mattress protector with this sheet! I'll definitely be buying more. (also hoping they come in bigger sizes soon)