Charcoal Insert - Replacement Only

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Wait, what? Charcoal? You might not even like BBQ that much, so why would you want to put charcoal on your baby’s bum? Turns out, because it’s awesome at keeping your baby dry, naturally antimicrobial, and hiding stains- among other things. So next time you are invited to a backyard BBQ, when someone is using a gas grill, you can confidently step up and say - I prefer Charcoal!!

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Outer layers: 100% Polyester

Inner layers: 100% Polyester

  1. Pre-wash or pre-rinse cycle with line 1 of detergent. This removes most of the pee.
  2. Heavy-Duty wash (longest cycle) on warm (max. 140 F/60 C) with recommended amount of detergent. Make sure you use enough detergent.
  3. Line dry when you can or tumble dry on medium.
  4. Use a reputable, commercially available detergent, either plant based or synthetic
  5. Do not use laundry soaps such as castile or coconut based soaps and detergents with fabric softener.
  6. Watch your favourite reality show. Light up a celebratory cigar with a glass of red and give yourself a pat on the back for choosing a reusable swim diaper. A cape is recommended but not necessary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good insert

They are exactly what I wish.

Good product, great service

I purchased a starter pack via a retail outlet. One snap popped off on first use. Custom service was great and I was mailed a replacement without issue.
Very happy with the product - good absorbance, cozy fit.

Emily E-G
Great product and great service

Very absorbent, wetness wicking, and super soft. We had a little issue with one of the insert snaps coming off and the lovely people at lil’ helpers sent us a new insert right away. Everything else has been amazing. Very durable and functional product!

Genevieve Gascon

These insert are super soft and very absorbant and my LO looks very comfortable in them . So easy to use and stain proof . Try them without any hesitation . All Lil heper product that i have tried works amazing and they have the best customer service that i have ever seen !

Julie Durocher
extremely happy with customer service

Our little one has been wearing Lil Helper for a year now and it's the only diaper we swear by. When we had 2 inserts starting to fray (more than just the serge tail), customer service assured us we would get replacements... And we did in less than a week.

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