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$16.00 +320pts

The world has become a competitive place. But I am here to tell you that sometimes average is actually awesome. Case in point: your flow. If your “monthly gift” lands solidly in the C+ to B- range – you are not special (in a really good way). HyP’s Regular Pads are great for average all-around coverage that lets you get back to the important things in life like, you know, that trashy Netflix show that just doesn’t end or the mountains of laundry… I guess.

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WICKING BAMBOO JERSEY BLEND (50% Bamboo Viscose + 50% Wicking Polyester Mesh)




  1. Rinse off any blood/residue under running cold water.
  2. Place your HyPs in a wetbag, mesh laundry bag or bin until wash day.
  3. Machine wash with a commercially available detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Don't scrub. Ideally wash them in a mesh bag for longevity!
  4. Hang dry, or tumble dry on low heat for a maximum of 20 minutes. Don't worry if there are some stains. The sun can do wonders for giving your HyPs a facelift.
  5. Have an ice cream or climb a mountain. You are a badass and the planet is a better place because of you.

Made of Magic

Well, actually they are made with a Stay-Dry material on top for quick absorption that spreads out moisture evenly. It also ensures that even though you are producing goo at an alarming rate, your pads will never stick to your sensitive bits.

Layers of Greatness

All of our HyPs are made with layers of bamboo terry inside. 2 layers for liners and regulars and 3 for heavy. So, much like that fall outfit you look so cute in, HyPs uses layering to keep you comfy and protected.

No leaky

Not only are HyPs backed with a waterproof PUL fabric they also waterproof wings to prevent moisture from going where it shouldn’t and to double the leak-proof protection.

Worried about the logistics of reusable pads?

We offer a whole system.

Because why create half a painting or build part of a bridge? Not only do we have three absorbencies of HyP pads (check our Regular and Heavy) but we’ve also got you covered with all the accessories you need to make using them simple. Pair your HyPs with a travel case (Combo Bag), home storage (Dry/Wetbag) and a Mesh Bag for laundry.

But what about the laundry?

Don’t worry, these have super easy washing instructions.

Like, you could teach your dog to wash these for you. I mean, I wouldn’t But the point is that HyPs are easy to take care of and you shouldn’t let the idea of caring for them deter you from giving them a try.

A great fit, guaranteed.

The secret? Snazzy snaps.

Our snaps are snappy for a few reasons. First, two snaps are better than one and allow for a custom fit on any undergarments. Second, smaller snaps are used to prevent any discomfort.

Hummm… anything else I’m forgetting?

Oooooh Prints!

The HyPs line prioritizes function over form. But there is no reason you can’t have your cake and eat it too. They come in a variety of amazing prints that were exclusively designed for our HyPs line and will (hopefully) leave you with a smile instead of a desire to burn down your entire subdivision and that little parkette overrun with weeds.

The Combo Bag, the best combo since Netflix and chill.

There is nothing wrong with getting cozy in the middle of the bell-curve, so grab some Regular HyPs and chalk those hum-drum, so-so, mediocre days up as a win.

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Still got questions? Need some reading material to distract you from the very middling amount of annoyance your Average Joe (or Joanne) flow is causing you? Check this stuff out.

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

These fantastic pads consist of a few different layers! The top is our amazing bamboo stay dry liners, to help disperse liquid and keep you feeling dry. Followed by 2 layers (3 for heavy) of absorbent bamboo terry cloth and finishing the pads off with a layer of waterproof PUL to prevent any leaks from making it to your undergarments! Yay! There are 2 snaps on the wings so that you can adjust the size to work for your particular undies!
There are 3 different sizes available in the hyps; a liner, regular and heavy. The liners and regulars both consist of 2 layers of absorbent bamboo terry. The liners are 8” long while the regulars are 10”. The heavy hyps are great for overnight or heavy flows. They have a third layer of absorbent terry and are 12” long.
Rinse off any blood/residue under running cold water; Place your HyPs in a wetbag, mesh laundry bag or bin until wash day; Machine wash with a commercially available detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Don't scrub. Ideally wash them in a mesh bag for longevity!; Hang dry, or tumble dry on low heat for a maximum of 20 minutes. Don't worry if there are some stains. The sun can do wonders for giving your HyPs a face lift.; and Have an ice cream or climb a mountain. You are a badass and the planet is a better place because of you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 413 reviews
Amanda T.
Great absorbency but need longer option

The absorbency of the heavy Hyps is perfect for me during the day, even as someone with a heavy flow due to endometriosis. There are two design changes I would need, though, for this to be a staple product. I know the silicon dots are coming, but as others have said, the back can bunch a bit if I don't line it up perfectly when putting it on or after using the restroom. Second, the length is a bit too short for me in the back as a larger bodied person. I would love to see a longer option--the length of the max HyPs, for example--in the regular and heavy absorbency. I find the max to be be a bit too thick for daytime wear if I'm out and about, but the length is perfect for my body to prevent leaks.

Hi Amanda!
Thank you so much for this well thought out review! We love this kind of feedback - it is so valuable to us to know what our customers need to solve all their leaky, messy, human problems!
Please know I will be taking this feedback straight to Mohammed for his design board! And you can always reach us at delight@lilhelper.ca or on Facebook in the Lil Helper Lounge if you need anything at all!
With gratitude,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Julia O
Versatile and work great!

I have a set of reusable pads that I bought a few years ago but the majority are too big/thick (and sometimes a little suffocating) since my cycle is on the lighter side due to birth control, even their smallest "liner". I've been wanting to try a version that is more like your typical disposable liner and behold this brand showed up in my feed!! What was even better was their door crasher deal so it was easier than ever to try. I tried wearing the liner both ways, with the shorter end in front vs back and I found both ways work but I have a preference depending on how active I'll be or what style underwear. At first I was used to the standard middle wings, but now that I've tried it, I like the versatility. The liner only slipped once while I was very active doing gardening and lots of squatting and digging but once I switched which end was in front it helped, and they are amazingly breathable, soft, and comfortable. They rinse easily, I just toss them in the shower with me to pre-rinse until the water runs clear when I squeeze them out and then the washing machine in a cotton delicates bag does the final wash. I hang them dry and no issues at all. They were packaged with care are very well constructed, I look forward to buying a few more to stash in my cars and work bag to never be without! Looking into some of their other items too, once the budget allows. Great small business that cares about quality and their customers!!

Hi Julia,
Wow, thank you so much for leaving such a detailed and thoughtful review. It truly helps us as well as folks on the fence about switching to reusables.
I'm also overjoyed to hear how well your HyPs are working for you! If you ever have any questions when you are looking at our other products, please don't hesitate to reach out to delight@lilhelper.ca or join us on Facebook in the Lil Helper Lounge!
With grateful hearts,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Overnights no problem

My flow is so heavy that I used to use a disposable maxi pad plus a tampon overnight, otherwise I was guaranteed to leak on the sheets. I no longer need a tampon and I have zero leaks. It is leagues more comfortable than disposable pads. I wear it "backwards" because I sleep on my stomach/side, and this worked perfectly. My only critique is the cost, but the quality is so good I really can't complain too much.

Hi McKenna!
What a thrill to know we can help you sleep more comfortably AND more ecofriendly! It sounds like our HyPs pads are working well for you but if you ever have any questions you can email us at delight@lilhelper.ca - we would be delighted to help!
And in the 3 years since we launched our HyPs, we have yet to hear from anyone who has had to replace them so I hope you can use them for many years to offset the cost - our goal is userfriendly solutions that last for life's messy moments!
Sweet dreams,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Love these

I love these. I only wish they had an extra set of snaps towards the back to hold them in place when being extra active

Sarah, thank you so much for this great feedback!
Thanks to feedback from users like you we are getting ready to release our new HyPs Active line designed to stay in place better!
Your suggestion and choice to try Lil Helper means so much to us. We take it seriously and wouldn't be here without you!
With grateful hearts,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Rebekah Teel
So soft!

This pad is so soft and comfortable I forgot it was even there! They absorb so well with no leaks or smell. I love them!

Rebekah, we are so grateful to folks like you who take the time to write a review. It amazes us how many folks think that reusable menstrual pads MUST smell - hearing from users like you makes all the difference!
Know that you can email us at delight@lilhelper.ca with any questions or concerns - we are always here to help!
Best wishes,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

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