Life Changing Duo

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A lot changes in your life when you start having kids. One of those things is the frequency of you dealing with a mess that you didn’t make and.. someone else’s bodily fluids. Consisting of an original Lifesaver Mat and the pint-sized Lifesaver Mini, the Life Changing Duo is the crack team that helps parents stay prepared for any messes, muck, moisture, diaper demeanors or crimes of passion your little ones may perpetrate. On you.


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The star of the show

A change in the weather that you didn’t plan for, an overflowing poonami on grandma’s bed, forgetting to bring your overtired toddler’s nap time blanket. Sometimes it doesn’t take much for life with your little one to go from picture perfect to a code-red emergency. Well-made, adorable, and multipurpose, the Lifesaver Mat will make the unexpected and chaotic seem downright boring and manageable.

The faithful sidekick

Jewellery, Starbucks gift cards, itty bitty babies… Often in life, the best things come in small packages. Our Lifesaver Mini is no exception. Robin to the Lifesaver’s Batman and sized to be perfect for on-the-go, this pint-sized wonder will become a diaper bag staple for travelling with your babe.

Magical Fairy Dust!!

Most parents who see these mats buy it because they look cute or they think they’d use them once in a week or so. No. You will use them 15 times a day for 24 different things. Everybody does! Waterproof, absorbent, all weather, easy to clean and built like a spaceship. Trust us - these are called lifesavers for a reason.

Less is often more. But not in this case. In this case, more is always better.

A backup to the backup

Having one mat is amazing. But having a backup is just smart. Kids are bound to spill or leak some sort of fluid. Often several at once. Your future self is thanking you. Pat yourself on the back for being so ahead of the game.

The gift that keeps on giving

Ever wonder what to get a new parent? Look no further.

While not overly flashy, or the most trending baby gift (seriously what will your baby do with a rose gold plated rattle anyway?!) this dynamic duo is the reason why a parent, family member or coworkers might call you many times at random over the years just to say thank you once again. After dealing with a horrible dose of stomach flu, teething, potty training or any number of messy moments that come with raising kiddos, that parent will thank you repeatedly for gifting something so very vital. Expect to be on the Christmas cake recipient list every year till that kid graduates college.

Divide and conquer

A mat for every place!

You’ve heard of a place for everything and everything in its place right? Well every one of those places needs a Lifesaver Mat! Have one in the playroom to make messy sensory play more manageable. One in the living room for a mobile change area. Or one for the house and one for the car. Or one for grandma’s house and one for the sitters. You’ll be glad you did.

Bert and Ernie, Siskel and Ebert, Calvin and Hobbes. While either is fine on their own, the magic really happens when you put them together. Same goes with our Life Changing Duo.



Need to know more about these trouble-thwarting crusaders? Check out these common questions to learn more about their origin story.

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Newbie Guide

This wash routine is easy peasy! The Life Saver mat can be washed with your regular wash, we do however caution against using hot water. We suggest not washing it with cloth diapers as its quite bulking and can disrupt proper agitation of the diapers. For drying we suggest hang drying, however, if tumble drying we recommend using LOW-MED heat.
The design on these things is equal parts simple and genius! There is a waterproof backing that comes in our AH-MAZING prints. Paired with our comfy stay dry charcoal material you find in our beloved cloth diaper inserts. Our charcoal layer is a thirsty combination of naturally wicking material that will absorb a torrent of liquid and will still keep the surface feeling dry.
The lifesaver mini mat is sized at a convenient 18’’ x 22’’ (46 cm. x 56 cm.). Which means, it fits perfectly into a diaper bag and you can carry it on the go! " The lifesaver orginal mat is sized at a convenient 34’’ x 36’’ (86 cm. x 91 cm.). The large change mat is big enough to be used on a toddler's bed. It is small enough to be tucked cosy in a crib.

Customer Reviews

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Becca Neilson
Great deal!

This is a great deal for the mats! Lifesaver mat + a mini and optional add ons! These mats are a staple item in our house. For babies-toddlers- even adults. My favorite way to use the big one is as a waterproof blanket during walks!

Perfect duo!!

Best purchase if you are going to get a changing mat! Really appreciate lil helpers and all their products for the fantastic quality they deliver! Thank you Uncle Mo!!


Do not buy this item unless you want to buy more! This is THE BEST change mat you will find and I now have a growing collection, (the narwals is a amazing print). I would recommend only if you want to buy multiples as one will not be enough for all the purposes this mat can be used for!!! Thank you lilhelpers for an amazing product once again!


We have three lifesaver mats – one large and two small. Both sizes have been very useful. We’ve used them as a mat to keep the floor under the high chair clean, a mat underneath the water bins during sensory play (it holds SO much water!), a mat to protect the couch when my kid dumps water on themselves, a mat to protect my pillow from wet hair after a night shower, a picnic blanket, and towel for bathtime. As you can tell, there are a ton of uses for these mats and I’m excited about the XL size coming soon!


During this stage, and even when transitioning to big kid underwear and pants, the lifesaver mat is your best friend for avoiding messes and protecting your couch and carpet! Need something for training on the go? Keep an eye out for Lil Helper training pants! Grab them fast when they are in stock though, their release broke the internet! (And watch our social media for an upcoming release with more great new products!)

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